Karten Updates 17. Juni 2011

Well this time (finally at last) the main work was done on the VeloMaps (probably online from Saturday onwards as the mirror will not get them tonight). I updated them from ground up more or less, so they got all the changes the Openmtbmaps benefitted from over the last 2 month. This also means the VeloMaps are now Nüvi compatible. I really should have updated it simultaneously with the Openmtmbap - it took me bout 30 hours to track all bugs down...

Besides I don't delete private ways any more, if they got sac_scale or mtb:scale information. I think this is a good compromise. But basically ways that are private, are of not much relevance to a map in my eyes, and if I don't delete them, places like Garmisch Partenkirchen start to look really bad (as someone tracked all ways in peoples private backyards). I also updated the legend to have a big city section, so for those that have problems finding cities in their Oregon search, they can reply hear now and say what cities are not found, I added the type to the city name for easy bugtracking.

Also for zoom resolution 18 there were problems with wrong display for NCN/ICN routes in combination with primary highways, that's fixed now too.
This time I'm using for the first time splitter with pbf instead of osm.gz output, I hope that it passes through without errors (should do so according to mkgmap mailinglist).


As for the promised Support Forum, it's already installed but I will wait for WordPress 3.2 until going live. It will be based on bbpress plugin (version 2) so rather basic, but should be better than comments and allow for stuff like integrating screenshots and so on. Expect to launch End of June/ beginning July.

Well and last but not least, there are new contourlines from Spain, based on IGN data for download. Quality is 1:1 Spanish topographical 1:25maps, so excellent. License is non commercial by IGN. As all other srtm contourlines available as .exe installer, gmapsupp, or zip file.

Next week Thursday to Sunday I'll be biking in Innsbruck (we'll be based in Fulpmes). We plan to ride one day on the Nordketten Singletrail (and end of the day with some nifty singletrail down the Hafelkar), and not yet sure where to ride the other 3 days. Focus will be on mtb:scale=3-4 (or a bit S5) trails. Twould be nice to meet up other people, so contact me if you're around and want to join up for a ride of bikebergsteigen/vertriding.

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