Karten Updates 24 Juni 2011

Well just as a short note. I indeed updated the maps as always on Thursday night. However as I'm currently biking around Innsbruck (BTW - forget Willi Hofer, his difficulty notations are way overstated - his most difficult tours are much easier than stuff I expected based on descriptions) I don't have much time and am too tired to really work in the evening. Therefore a proper update notice on next map update.


As you may have noted, I changed 50€ subscription from lifetime to 5 years - this of course only affects new subscribers/members and decided to work on openmtbmap.org full time. So expect many cool changes over the next month (but then in reality over the last 4-5 months I did already work more than 40-50hours every ween on improving openmtmap.org website and maps.

Biggest change is that from July onwards (cannot say exact date) I will have adds by Netzathleten.de (same provider that puts adds on mtb-news.de. So I hope the adds are well bicycle focussed. I don't want to have advertisements that are really of focus. So I hope that the sales staff at netzathleten does a good job in channelling in adverts that are mtbike/bicycle focussed and hence not "as" annoying off intererest. This should bring in a bit of money too (though not enough to live (even if taxes and insurance wouldn't exist).


Well most important for this map update I fixed missing secondaries for Velomap, there were a few improvements on the address index for all maps, and I updated the Europe map on Wednesday. Velomap map of Europe should be updated by tomorrow too (just started the update so I hope it is online before the FTP server sync).


For everyone still waiting for answers to mails or comments, I try to answer as much as I can right now, but some stuff will be answered on Monday or Tuesday. If you have no answer by Tuesday evening, remind me.


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