Map Updates 1. July 2011

Well, I'm really sorry to again not be able to write about nice stuff done to the maps. I have not found any time. I worked a lot on the website and administrative stuff, and got a new shiny server for the website which should take over from tomorrow. Performance is like 5-8times higher, so also in the evening it will be lightning fast, and I don't need to spend time anymore trying to optimise everywhere so that the sites run decently.

As for the maps, if you look on the FTP server, there are now (this week only openmtbmap, next week velomap too) readymade gmapsupp.img files (though right now as I think, I'm not too sure if I included a .TYP-file). But definitely from next week onwards, there will be readymade gmapsupp.img files of all maps too, and I might add a premium installer that includes Contourlines to Europemap with working address search (timeframe 3-4 weeks).

It's still a misery to me how time passes by, and even though I worked like 12-14 hours daily this week, I find no time to deliver needed updates especially to Velomap regarding unpaved roads. But I do hope to find some time and implement my by now quite long list on map improvements for both velo and openmtbmap for next map update. Sad thing is really, administering the surroundings takes up more time than working on improving the maps.

Also the address index by mkgmap seems to make 2 steps forward and 1 step backward each week, but still not get to a really useful level. Mkgmap 1978 was producing pretty fine indexes for Mapsource, sadly they would crash on send, so right now I sticked to my 10 days old mkgmap version. Will try to put some hours testing the newest version for next map update to make sure no showstoppers included....

So far so long, hear ya next week with hopefully more progress.

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