Map Updates 2. March 2012

Well after the frenzy of the last 2-3 weeks, this week I took it a bit lazy, and only worked more or less 5 regular working days on improving the maps and the homepage. So on one hand I spend 2 days on updating and from front to end (english and german) and especially updating all the tutorials with new pictures, so something probably rather important for newcomers (but hey, they are the most important as the more people map in OSM the better).

Then I spent quite some time on making sure that the autorouting get's adapted to the new etrex x0 and Basecamp 3 series is also working, as they don't respect any vehicle settings anymore, but instead will use some new map profiles that Garmin hasn't published yet. So especially for the VeloMap I made sure that all streets that one isn't allowed to cycle will be blocked when avoiding unpaved roads. Same goes of course also for the openmtbmaps.

While doing this I found some bugs on the access rights, in both openmtbmap and velomap and corrected them (sometimes one got really sent down stuff where from the osm tags there was no indication it was fit to cycle there). And well, as the reading out of the OSM tags is rather complex, this took quite some time. The main differences besides the tutorials for beginners were on autorouting so I rewrote the pages for both Openmtbmap-Autorouting and Velomap-Autorouting. as some stuff changed on that part (especially on the Velomap).

Besides I did quite a lot of small improvements here and there....

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