DEM Relief Shading Maps for Garmin GPS devices

About the DEM Relief Maps

If you want to enable relief shading / shaded maps on your GPS device from 5km zoom level or higher - I provide here for OpenMTBMap members downloadable .img files for each country or continent.

I worked quite some time to optimise the speed/quality of the rendering on the devices - however note it will slow down map panning on your device. 

In General you can simply use the continent .img files - only for Asia it is pretty big (and has a lot of tiles - so make sure to not go over the 2048/4096 tile limit on your device).

I've added the files for each country as well for those who just want to try it out or prefer very small download.

Screenshots from DEM on Oregon 600 - only Austria in this example. From Left: 3km scale (DEM not shown with Auto mode), 5km, 8km and 30km.


How to Use

Right now this is first version - it should work but I hope to still improve them a bit. To use them simply copy the .img file to the /garmin directory on your mSD card, then activate the mtbmap-DEM-XX (XX standing for abbreviated country) map on your device.

Attention in night mode the relief will never be shown. So if you try it out at night (or without GPS reception sometimes)  - you need to deactive the night mode.


Device Setup

You should setup your device to show DEM to auto mode. You can do this in 

Map Settings --> Advanced Setup -->Shaded Relief: Auto


If shaded Relief is set to Auto - it will show from 5km zoomed out to infinite (I hope to restrict this in future to 30 or 50km). Always make sure to have the devices Basemap active - it will really speed up map panning when zoomed out a bit.



If you want to know the last update time, MD5 Checksum or exact filesize of a download - just look into the MD5 link that follows each download. 

OpenMTBMap/VeloMap DEM Relief Maps v1.0 - Only for OpenMTBMap Members

Continents map downloads – (contourlines separate):










German Bundeslaender (better use Germany country map):


France – French DOM-TOM:


North America: 


South America:

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