Again Updates

Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in English e Deutsch.


Since 23.05 all my maps had one big flaw, routing over tile boundaries did not work. Luckily error is solved now and therefore I upload new maps.

As reactions to the beta maps were quite positive, I will stick to the format.

The next big change is the move to 7zip compression, as it saves about 10% better than RAR or ZIP on maximum compression. Generally I would have preferred zip or rar because it is more widespread, but 7zip is anyhow a very good program and lzma compression is also widespread, Opensource (which rar is not) and supported on all OS. I will need to hear good arguments to move back to zip. Please comment if 7zip format is a factor for you not using the openmtbmap.

Map data will not be updated however, as geofabrik sever is down.


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