Map Updates 05.10.2009

Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in Inglese Americano e Tedesco.

For this update highway=path has a new layout if you can expect that uphill mtbiking is not possible (long blue dashes). I will refine this for the next map update. Also as mkgmap now has experimental support for search index creation I do create the search index. However by default it is not installed. If you want to have the search index  please use mapsettoolkit or add the windows registry entries by hand. No support here by my  (please don't put comments about this on openmtbmap) as long as its not fully working. Once its fully working I will change the installation procedure to register it by default.

Again something in mkgmap must have changed that makes seeing the contourlines in mapsource impossible (on GPS if downloaded and installed seperately they will be visible however). I don't like to recreate them every few weeks, so for now if you use the new (included with the maps) create_mapsource_installationfiles.bat there is an option to choose srtm*.TYP as TYPfile. This is transparent and allows you to see the contourlines in Mapsource. I recommend however to use another .TYPfile for sending maps to the GPS with mapsource. Therefore before sending maps either run the create_mapsource_installationfiles.bat again and ALSO reinstall the maps or use tools like mapsettoolkit to change the Typfile included. (Other possibility is to have a seperate contourline installation without maps, and send the contourlines seperately to the GPS).


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