Map Updates 13.09 – new Downhill trails oneway

Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in Inglese Americano e Tedesco.


For this time the big update is that all trails from which I can assume that they are usable downhill only will be only used as oneway for autorouting. This means uphill on relatively easy trail, downhill much more technical. In order for this to work you need to use the incline tag correctly. I have rules setup to catch more or less any value, be it incline=up or incline=down, incline=(-)??% or also wrong tags like incline=positive or incline=-. Any way with mtb:scale:uphill=4 or mtb:scale:uphill=5 (see mtb:scale for explication of mtb:scale:uphill) will be made oneway if inlcline tag exists to specify the incline direction. Therefore please add mtb:scale:uphill and incline tags to all your favourite trails that are too difficult for uphill. mtb:scale:uphill=3 will be considered oneway if incline>15% or incline<-15%.


It does not matter whether the way itself in the osm database points uphill or downhill. I reverse ways pointing uphill when rendering the maps. This is of course only possible if the incline tag exists on the way.


Therefore I have heavily increased the priority of difficult downhills, so please add incline tags, otherwise now you and others will have to push uphill a lot. Sadly this will mean autorouting for hikers will use the same tags. I hope that in future pedestrians can use any ways against the oneway direction, by setting the GPS to taxi as vehicle. Currently this is not yet implemented however.


On top any way with incline=25% or greater will be made a oneway. However mkmgap has no tangens function, so for now only % values work correctly. ° values are wrongly read as %.


On top of the above I have reworked the POI layout. POI are now in general more discrete, however cities and alpine huts get more prominent. The Typfiles are therefore for now more or less stable. If you want to make your own adaptions, it should not be much work to adapt them to newer maps now, as future changes will be minor only (e.g. adding new objects when they are widely used, or added to osm map features / josm presets).


Germany will be online after 16:30, if you download before you probably get a corruped zip file!



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