Map Updates 26.08.09

Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in Inglese Americano e Tedesco.

Sorry for the delay, but I was occupied this weekend racing the Grand Raid Cristalp, one of the nicest but also hardest mtb marathons that exists (finished 800. on the long distance). This update brings pretty drastic changes, okay maybe for you the change is not so big, but under the hood a lot has changed. As mkgmap now supports extended types, I have moved tracktype, sac_scale, mtb:scale and mtb:scale:uphill as well as borders into the extended types. This means that all of this information is now not only on GPS but also viewable 100% in Mapsource.

Furthermore and that's the great thing about it, if you don't wan't to have it displayed, simply use a "typfile editor" and delete the respective lines and the information is not displayed anymore (note, this only applies to those linetypes that are of 0x????? format. 0x?? will allways be displayed.

Don't spend much time on the typfiles for now however - as I will include a few more linetypes and also maybe area types soon.

Better names for the streets have to be postponed for a while however, the old patches are not working for newest mkgmap versions anymore.

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