New Contourlines for Alps and Germany

Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in Inglese Americano e Tedesco.


okay now you have my official contourline maps for Germany as for the alps. There is batch for installing inside the download. Please give me feedback if everything works as expected. If so I will try to get contourlines for wester Europe.

If not using the batch I recommend using gmaptool with maptk as compiler (you can set it in the GUI options page)  to install the contourlines. I recommend against using mapsettoolkit though it should work for 95% of all users, but in case something doesn't work as expected don't blame it on the maps then.... Also don't blame my maps if cgpsmapper craps out on installing with whatever GUI or commandline.

Die hards can off course do everything with mkgmap...

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