The change to odbl is underway now, so 13 July 2012 will be last CCBYSA 2.0 map update

Well, it was supposed to happen on 1. April 2012, the change from CCBYSA 2.0 to odbl, however it took much longer than anticipated, but since Wednesday, the bots is throwing out data. Therefore todays map updates, will be the last one under CCBYSA 2.0. The bot is expected to take several weeks, so I will try to render those countries that failed (especially some continents) since some time if somehow possible.

Over the next two weeks therefore probably I won't make any changes. Once the bot has finished, and the license change is through, I will post the next map updates under odbl. I will however leave the CCBYSA 2.0 maps online for some more month parallel to the odbl maps. Depending on the country region, the old maps will continue being better. Especially for countries like Poland, Australia and New Zealand - due to the big amount of only CCBYSA 2.0 published data, it may take several month, if not years until the old quality is back.

Last week I spend several days on multithreading the map generation, as it took about 40 hours to render all maps. It goes a bit quicker on the server now, but I noticed that the main problem is disk bound, not CPU limited, but I cut down maybe 20% of map compilation time. Also I finally managed to change the way maps are uploaded, so there are no more broken/incomplete map updates - as maps are mirrored now.


For the next weeks I will try to put a few days work again in slimming down POI symbols, and attack the new routing algos Garmin introduced over the last months - which will be a tedious task to analyse and of course also continue to work on maps for oruxmaps.


Apart from Openmtbmap two more things happend. Google Maps published yesterday bicycle maps and routing for many European countries, I must say I'm not impressed at all however by the outcome. They should have bettered switched to OSM instead of focussing on google map maker and their own data which leads them nowhere.


On the other hand, and that is something which bugs me much more, the German state of Hessen is underway to take into effect the probabely strictest and most stupid anti-MTB law worldwide. Effectively they want to forbid mountainbiking on all ways, that cannot theoretically used by a 2WD car all year round. Meaning no more singletrails, not even anymore streets with bad surface. Yeehaa, those Germans politicians are completly nuts (well no surprise). Effectively this would mean, more than 75% of all ways and trails in Hessen would become illegal for biking, with fines up to 100.000€.

I would therefore ask everyone, if he hasn't done yet, to sign the Open Trails Petition in Hessen. Else maybe more German states, or other countries could get the idea to effectively forbid mountainbiking.

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