(English) Map Updates 15. April 2011

Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in Inglese Americano e Tedesco.

First of all I started reworking the contourlines a bit. So for a start now the contourlines can be downloaded as .exe for direct installation, or as used to as .zip. In order so that no probs arise, I chose the map id for the contourlines map to be the actual mapnumber (the first 4 digits of the *.img) plus 300. This way there should be no overlap with other installed maps on the same map ID. I might for next week also offer readymade gmapsupp.img of the contourlines (of course those are only useful for newer type GPS like Dakota, Oregon, edge 800, 62 series, Colorado, .... that accept several differently named "gmapsupp.img" files).

As for mkgmap development, this week a bug got discovered that might have been responsible for very big maps (like joining France and Germany) to crash Mapsource / not show correctly on GPS (basically in all cases the mdr index grew over 128MB, but also some other random probs like gmapsupp.img over 512MB produced by mkgmap were faulty). So if you use the mkgmap creation batches and had any probs, get the newest mkgmap.jar as some bugs got corrected during the last week. Also the Multipolygoncutting got corrected a bit, so less errors wheen zooming far out.


As for the maps since the last update: I added abutters treatment like source:maxspeed=urban for urban/rural differentiation. Some stuff to not draw some pipelines under the earth that miss the tunnel attribute and some more minor changes.



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