(English) Map Updates 18.3.2011

Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in Inglese Americano e Tedesco.

The main change for this weeks map updates is that for the "wide" layout I widened most lines in resolution 24 to 22 (so when zoomed in rather close) by 1 pixel. Actually the difference to the classic typfile was too small. There is no new mkgmap version this time, I expect to be using a newer version which hopefully improves city to street matching for search function for the next update.

Besides I corrected a bug that tracks without any attributes were not correctly displayed using the trad mapsource/qlandkarte layout.

And for all layouts I corrected a bit again the design of plain tracks and of tracks with mtb:scale=0. Plus there was a tiny bug related to displaying beach volleyball court polygons.

On top a serious issue with the create_mapsource_file_with_mkgmap.bat running out of memory has been fixed (only relevant for big countries). This was due to some internal mkgmap change which caused my detection on proper mapset building to fail (the error became apparent once trying to send maps to gps with Mapsource/Basecamp - it would crash as soon as using the map selector tool)


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