(English) Map Updates 22.10.2010

Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in Inglese Americano e Tedesco.

After I have not had time to work on the openmtbmaps for the two recent updates, for this time I did update quite a few things again. Upon request also Israel is now available for download (but if not 1000 ways with mtb:scale due in 6 month in Israel, I'll kick it out again)

I slightly changed the autorouting to get a higher focus on technical trails (hope it works, inside Mapsource/Basecamp there is basically no difference - even though the changes are quite big on the style-file). On my Vista HCx routing improved a bit so I hope this goes as well for other GPS.

I harmonized the path colors a bit, to get sac_scale more in line with mtb:scale/tracktype patterns. So now patters should be more or less same difficulty, independant of coulor.

railway=platform is now routable too and I hope to have done good progress in hiding tunnels that are not open to the public.


P.S. today a new Garmin Basecamp version (3.1.1) has gone public which offers quite a few new nice features (e.g. full screen map mode). Unluckily it seems pretty unstable (had many crashes doing various stuff - though older version basically never crashed on my system). Also some problems with maps and integrated contourlines on zoom levels 20-100km. Cannot really recommend the update therefore.

BTW: from now on (officially) I'll only write posts on map updates when something gets changed. Maps are updated once weekly as usual.


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