(English) Map Updates 28.8.2010 and information regarding future odbl license

Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in Inglese Americano e Tedesco.

First of all regarding the map update. I fixed a few bugs that were introduced by the last update (allotments not shown, leisure=park forgotten in some typfiles, landuse=orchard added) and made quite a lot of POI symbols smaller, and some bigger (alpine_hut / wilderness_hut / basic_hut). The lines section stayed unchanged.

Also I included some lines in the installer, to delete the tilecache. So now no more old Mapsource/Basecamp cachefiles should exist after each installation of a openmtbmap map.


Secondly a big change regarding the license of the style-file/tpyfile - I changed them to CCBYNCSA 3.0, this has a few reasons. The main one being that I'm really unhappy with the upcoming license change to the odbl license and the completly crazy new contributor terms. I will write some more details about why I recommend not accepting it (and thereby sticking to the CCBYSA2.0 license) in future, but I fear that OSM will really loose it's main assets - being free maps by switching to the odbl license (and the possibility to lock maps by DRM mechanisms, currently not allowed).

I am currently unsure if I continue to have the style-files opensource, or not, but for right now I just changed them to CCBYNCSA 3.0. What does this mean? it is not allowed to compile OSM maps using this style-file anymore, because you break the CCBYSA2.0 license if you hand over maps produced with my styles to anyone. I'm really sorry for this step, but for the moment I prefer this, rather than close sourcing the style-file.

Strictly spoken you are not allowed to pass on openmtbmaps with a .TYP-file anymore (meaning you would have to strip the .TYP-file, making the map unusable)- for the moment I will not enact this though.

Also when the moment comes that odbl really takes over CCBYSA as license for openstreetmap.org I will not make this change but keep using CCBYSA2.0 map data. By not accepting the odbl license and new contributor terms, you decrease the chance of this happening though (if there are not enough approvals, the license change will not happen). I will then jump on a CCBYSA 2.0 "fork" and publish maps based on a new community that will be like OSM is right now, but with a different name - and hopefully a majority of current mappers that will also not accept the change to the odbl license.

Everyone who wants to work on keeping OSM CCBYSA2.0 please go here: http://groups.google.com/group/osm-fork?hl=en (the address will probably soon change to something selfhosted away from google...)


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