(English) Maps largely backup – sending to device sometimes fails

Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in Inglese Americano e Tedesco.

Sorry to send this out again, but I am not really interested in answering bucketloads of people telling me in comments that sending maps to device fails. Please read the readme. It states that if sending to device fails, you have to run "unregister_or_reregister_address_search.bat". I have compiled the maps with the newest mkgmap svn_index version - that has if sending to device works a correct address search for the first time. Unluckily there seem to be a few bugs remaining and some tiles cannot be sent with some adjacent tiles. Hope this will get solved soon. Will not go back to a stable version however, as everyone can either create the gmapsupp with the supplied batch or using other tools, and using older version I could more or less also take out the address search completly.

Most maps are online now, those that are missing will be back up once they compile without error.

Please read the readme that is supplied by all maps - I'll delete all comments regarding this now:

this is stated in the readme folks:

"If Mapsource locks up or crashes when you click on find places or when sending maps to GPS - then run unregister_or_reregister_address_search.bat and unregister the search index."


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