Some further work on the overview map – and Peru as a new country



Well lets make the newsletter a bit shorter this time but keep it more uptodate. First of all, if you downloaded Fridays maps, there was a bug in the overviewmap content to be seen at all resolutions in Basecamp.  (the bug didn't affect the map view on the GPS devices, nor in Mapsource or Qlandkarte GT). This got fixed if you downloaded the maps on Saturday or later. So if you wonder about straight motorways appearing twice - there a gone again now. However a nice feature - of the background changing colour slightly depending on the resolution is gone now. Also the typfiles needed to be changed again (0x4b is now again the background).


For Mac OSx downloads, I renamed the downloads from COUNTRY.gmap.7z to COUNTRY_macosx.7z. This is only the name of the packed download. However if you did make a mistake and extracted the content not using "extract here" but "extract to "COUNTRY.gmap" the problem of macosx making automatically a kinda broken gmap installation package out of it is solved now. So if you unpack now to "COUNTRY_macosx" - then it will be recognized as a standard folder, which you can access normally and not recognized as a package.


Since Geofabrik is offering a Peru country extract, Peru is available for download too now - so the most touristic countries in South America now all got their own country extract - less need for the full South America continent map download.


Also in my last newsletter, I forgot to mention that the full Asia continent contourlines are updated now, to a good quality standard. They are still too large to be integrated into the maps, but if you really need them, and know how to use them, they are good quality too now. Also the Himalaya contours extract is updated, covering a larger region than before - and slightly better quality.


Next Thursday I fly for 5 weeks to Santiago de Chile. Twould be nice to go mountainbiking there (though I will need to rent a mountainbike), so if anyone openmtbmap user lives in or aroung Santiago, I'ld be happy to hear from you. I won't go there for holidays though, I'll be working from a co-working space, and try to push Openstreetmap / Openmtbmap and bicycle/mtb information there a bit.



Am Donnerstag flieg ich für 5 Wochen nach Santiago de Chile. Falls ein(ige) Openmtbmap User sich in der Gegend aufhalten, würde ich gerne mal mountainbiken gehen (wobei ich muss mir ein Mtbike ausleihen). Ich werde nicht zum Urlaub runterfliegen, sondern um Openstreetmap/Openmtbmap auch in Südamerika etwas zu pushen und primär von einem Co-Working Space aus in Santiago arbeiten. Die Karten werden also weiter aktualisiert und verbessert. Würde mich freuen, in Santiago noch weitere OSM Nutzer / Mountainbiker zu treffen!


Famous Machu Picchu in Peru  - still some mapping to be done:

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  • jan meijer

    I downloaded Velomap of Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile.
    All gave the same error as below.
    I downloaded Peru.
    The same error as below.
    What is going wrong.
    Thanks, Jan Meijer

    mkgmap.jar version 3643 and gmt.exe found. Java Installed

    Please input a free FID consisting of a number between 100-9999.
    Hint: use the same first 4 digits as the srtm_contourline *.img files.
    so if maps have the normal maps have 6365, the contourlines 7365, use 7365.
    Never two mapsets on your GPS may have the same FID.
    enter help for an explication on howto find a free FID.
    R GPS.
    You have chosen FID=7422

    please choose a short “country” name consisting of 1 up to 12 letters/numbers so
    you can identify the map on your GPS device.
    Don’t use Umlauts, spaces or symbols like : , ? ….
    for South_Africa_and_Lesotho e.g.: S_Africa

    enter 1 up to 12 characters:Peru

    You have chosen Peru

    Note if it is longer than 12 characters it will be cut off

    Please select if you want to have mkgmap create an address index (for address se
    Note that this is slower and needs a lot of free RAM for big maps.
    press 0 to create gmapsupp without address index
    press 1 to create gmapsupp with address index
    You have chosen index=1

    @echo Please choose .TYP-File
    press 0 for clas*.TYP (classic layout – optimized for Vista/Legend series)
    press 1 for thin*.TYP (thinner tracks and pathes – optimized for Gpsmap60/76 ser
    press 2 for wide*.TYP (high contrast layout, like classic but with white forest
    – optimized for Oregon/Colorado dull displays)
    press 3 for trad*.TYP (Layout for Mapsource, Qlandkarte or pc screens. Low contr
    ast for big resolutions (800×600 and up). No good on GPS. Simpy reinstall with o
    ther .TYP before sending maps to GPS.)
    press 4 for hike*.TYP (like classic layout – but optimized for hiking (does not
    show mtb/bicycle informations))
    press 5 for easy*.TYP (similar to classic layout – but focussed on easy readabil
    ity hence not showing mtb/bicycle information except routes)
    You have chosen TYP=2

    wide*.TYP will be used

    please enter the maximum amount of free RAM in MB you can attribute to mkgmap
    It should be at least the same size as all 6*.img and 7*.img files together – el
    se it will fail.
    Note if you attribute more RAM than your PC physically has, mkgmap may never fin
    ish as swapping RAM is too slow.

    You have chosen RAM=1000MB

    — mkgmap creating GMAPSUPP.IMG – please wait, note this may take a long time –

    Time started: Sat Oct 03 15:54:25 CEST 2015
    Number of MapFailedExceptions: 0
    Exception in thread “main” java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: it/unimi/dsi/fastutil
    Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: it.unimi.dsi.fastutil.ints.IntArray
    at Source)
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
    at sun.misc.Launcher$AppClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
    at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass(Unknown Source)
    … 9 more

    mkgmap ran out of memory – now creating map without address index

    Time started: Sat Oct 03 15:54:26 CEST 2015
    Number of MapFailedExceptions: 0
    Number of ExitExceptions: 0
    Time finished: Sat Oct 03 15:54:28 CEST 2015
    Total time taken: 2387ms
    Partial Succes
    GMAPSUPP.IMG generated but no address search possible
    You could try again with more memory or by deleting some 6*.img or 7*.img files
    from the current folder
    (note if you delete any of 6*.img or 7*.img files, then the map will not include
    them – thus may have holes).
    please put GMAPSUPP.IMG into folder /garmin/ on your GPS memory (connect your GP
    S and choose mass storage mode)
    or write gmasupp.img directly to memory card into /garmin/ folder (for fast tran
    sfer put memory card into a cardreader)
    Backup any old GMAPSUPP.IMG that was placed there before if it exists already

    On Oregon, Dakota, GPS Maps 62 & 78 and edge 800; extrx x0 series or other newer
    Generation Garmin GPS devices you can rename the GMAPSUPP.IMG just keep the fil
    etype .IMG ending)
    and place several .IMG into the /garmin folder.
    Note do not export the same country from Mapsource plus send a .img from the sam
    e country created with this batch and the same FID as the 6*.img files.

    press any key to exit

    • extremecarver

      Hi Jan, I have seen that error myself some time ago – I will inquire on the mkgmap mailinglist and hope the mkgmap devs find out the error.
      Solution will need some time though! In the meantime send maps with MapInstall or Mapsource.

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