Map Updates 17 Februar 2012

Well I continued further with my full concentration on integrating the contourlines into the maps and improving the Installer. From now on the installer remembers on map updates if you had installed the maps with contourlines integrated or not. Also there is a new option to have a separate contourlines map installed (this setting will be remembered from next map update onwards for future updates).

Now the separate contourline map is useful if you want to be able to switch on/off the contourlines on your GPS. However as the separate contourline map is identical no matter if you install it via a Openmtbmap or via a Velomap installer you will need to leave it activated also on the other install. E.g. if you install the openmtbmap Germany, and tick "install separate contourline map for Germany" and then install the Velomap and don't check "install separate contourline map for Germany" - the separate contourline map is uninstalled. Also if you would uninstall the Velomap Germany, it will be uninstalled (even though you installed it using the Openmtbmap Germany).

Also the German Bundelaender now include contourlines (with the exception of Berlin, Hamburg, Bremen as these citystates are too flat to make 20m equidistance contourlines more useful than distracting).

As for further countries to include contourlines. I finished the contourlines for both Australia-Oceania and United States. As the contourlines are however large in filesize (and I cannot create so big installers - they have a 2GB filesize limit), I decided to upload them separately. This means I will post links in the premium Map download Section (or also on the normal map download page) where you can download the contourlines and then simply unextract them into the folder of the map. They will be used according to your setting in the installer. Also for the Europe map for the next update I will separate maps and contourlines in order to cut the download size a bit (so for doing an update you only need to download the new installer, and the new map files, but you don't need to download the contourlines again).

For Canada I will also upload contourlines - however my server will still neeed about 120 hours to compile them (I noticed that the region covered by SRM1 data is not all over Canada - hence I need to mix it with SRTM3 data - and hence compile it again).


Once finished with the contourlines integration - I will work on some Video Tutorials covering basic topics like installation of maps, installation of Basecamp/Mapsource, and working with the maps -- to be available in the premium section.


Oh and another little change. At the end of installation the installer will open up your browser and ask you to donate. If you haven't  done so yet - I'ld be grateful if you do, cause only if I receive enough donations to live, I can continue working full time on improving the openmtbmaps/velomaps and the website....

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