Map Updates 25.03.2010 and Mapsource 6.16

Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in Inglese Americano e Tedesco.

For the map updates there are no big changes. I decided to include POI for areas, as the current trend in OSM seems to think this is a good idea (I do not think so, and would prefer distinctive POI as I find that much cleaner). Today Mapsource was released, which is the second public beta for the 6.16 series. Most bugs have been ironed out, and I do recommend using this version, besides an older 6.13.x version. Autorouting and many other things have improved. The main problem is however that it will not send maps with mkgmap created address search to a GPS (cause it detects the index not being correct I assume, and Garmin wanting to cut down support time). So if you're an etrex/edge/60CSx/old_generation_garmin_gps user where address search partly works, I recommend having a dual installation of Mapsource. Otherwise just use the register/unregister_address_search.bat batchfile, to temporarily disable address search - so you can send maps to GPS/storage_card. The mapsource beta installs itself to a seperate folder, making (as long as its beta) parallel installation easier...

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