Map Updates 27. August

Well for the map updates there was nothing special. I'm currently focussing more on getting an online map together and scouting for Android/Iphone apss cooperations.

Yesterday/Today I did update the Europe Map however (actually I updated it on the 22. already, but there seems to be some memory leak, so it didn't run through very successful - meaning the address index was broken). So from today the Europe maps are updated again. For the next map update I put a lot of work into better identifying what is meant if tracktype and smoothness contradict each other. For the velomap I rather put the emphasis on relying on the worse condition, while for the openmtbmap I rather rely on the good condition...

Also note that Basecamp and seemingly newer generation GPS don't regard the vehicle setting avoidances anymore. Garmin doesn't really accept it as a bug though (they never used avoidances for vehicles in any of their map, and now claim that their maps work (well they never included it until recently in some NT maps that are not reverse engineered and hence unreadable map format). Dunno if they did it on purpose following a motto of "let OSM map work on our GPS, but make sure they contain so many bugs people in the long run will buy our own maps..."

For next update I will try to give the address search an overhaul as well, trying to better match cities/regions to the adresses or POI.


Now however to a more serious problem. The server I currently use to build my maps will be down in 1-2 month. Hence I need a new Windows Server to build my maps. I need at least 8GB RAM/Quadcore for about 14-16 hours for the weekly update (and about 50-100GB of hard disk space) and 10Mbit connection (in/out, but most servers are on 100Mbit anyhow so that shouldn't be a problem - traffic is about 5GB in/ 10GB out for each update) plus about 12 hours monthly for the Europe map updates. If someone could help me out here that would be great (and save me from paying about 50-60€ a month for this). Linux Machine won't work (even though all tools for creating the map run under linux OS too), as I don't like bash or perl and prefer to update the maps using dos batch scripts....

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