Openmtbmap Map Updates 8. July 2011

For this map update, I went for a bit unstable mkgmap version. Currently if you try to send maps by Mapsource to your GPS, it will only work if you send the map as a whole. Selecting some tiles will fail. I'm waiting if there is a solution by today (Sunday) and in any case provide updates tonight.

I did test the version, but noticed the bug too late (actually only when someone commented on the map download page). As for promised changes. I'll check them in soon, I've got a pretty major update coming with lots of new features, but need some more time for it.

For the Velomap I more strictly set tracktype=grade 2 to be considered as unpaved (was disrespected for routes), but hope to get a nicer solution on this soon too.


Besides the switch to a new server took a bit more time and work than anticipated but the new server should be pretty stable and gone the times when would respond sluggishly late afternoon / early evening. (BTW downtime was about 20 minutes only, so I'm pretty proud of changing so efficiently). Also I did change quite a few pages, most importantly updated the disclaimer and terms of use to reflect the current situation. Right now the English version is only semi-complete (though not wrong) but the German AGB/Impressum are finished.

And as the new server is idling along, I was able to switch off caching for registered users. Caching was in my eyes responsible for some people getting logged out on pages where they wanted to comment, so I hope this problem is gone now too. Also with 10TB of traffic/month I will be able to offer some new premium stuff in future.

On top I spent the last 6 hours or so hunting down people on ebay selling openmtbmaps and velomaps without proper attribution and sent them nice letters (I also updated the copyright notice, effectively allowing more usage than before, when for example the distribution of the .TYP-file was not allowed under CCBYSA 2.0 at all) and think I'll have a fun time reading the responses of those scammers all acting as private ebay sellers, while in reality they have several accounts and are not private at all (so they will be in big trouble appearing in front of court, as that would destroy their house of cards). I don't want that people sell my maps without linking to or on ebay, and I do think that soon this message will be well known.

Twould be good if other osm garmin map providers would do the same thing, then the bait of "Garmin Topo Deutschland 2011" with confusing information wouldn't really work anymore for such people.


Oh and now really off topic. Thanks to the donations I could afford myself a nice Android Outdoor Smartphone (Defy) so my motivation to get a good online map has increased like 10times. Don't expect it too soon however. I will need at least another 2 month for some beta phase. Not sure also on how it will be financed (free with add support, premium app with charges based by each GB of map downloaded (that would be the fairest solution), yearly flat charge, supported by a new sponsor, .....). Next week I should meet up with some people (no not at the STOTM Europe 15-17 in Vienna, which I will of course also attend) but from a big local software company that is interested in joining forces for a new nicely done online map. So wait and see, I hope to give you more info by late July.


And as I mentioned above, the STOTM Europe is taking place 15-17. July in Vienna. I'ld be happy to meet up other mountainbikers. There are still some tickets available if you haven't signed up yet. I do think it will be a great event providing lots of input on future OSM direction!

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