Do NOT Update to Basecamp 4.7.0 – MapInstall 4.2.0 is broken!


MapInstall 4.2.0 is broken. You will get it by updating to Basecamp 4.7.0 - however also individual update can happen. MapInstall 4.3.2 (part of Basecamp 4.8.4) is fixed - but so far only available to Apple Mac OS x users - not for Windows. Note however - Basecamp 4.8.4 only runs stable in english - translated version are very buggy!

Garmin released a new version of Basecamp - 4.7.0 - in order to remove many features that were not in accordance with the GDPR regulation. Actually it's not that 4.6.2 is wrong here - it's that there were a few web services - that Garmin switched off - and those were interlinked into 4.6.2 - so that actually in 4.6.2 some functionality is not working anymore - I could on a quick check however not discover any actual difference otherwise in relation to the GDPR regulations - so 4.6.2 is no different in this regard to 4.7.0 - well and new privacy page/EULA of course).

The big problem is that Basecamp 4.7.0 also ships an updated version of Garmin MapInstall - and that version is broken in so far that it does not reliably/correctly send any maps in .img format anymore! This also applies to original older garmin maps.

On Windows instead of the actual map - only the overview map is sent - so you will have a nearly "empty" map.

On Mac OS x the problem with MapInstall 4.2.0 is that it will often crash while sending maps. This got fixed with MapInstall 4.3.2. Do not update to Basecamp 4.8.x if using Basecamp in any language but english however - as the translated versions have countless serious bugs.


Switch to the relevant tab for information on how to downgrade to Basecamp 4.6.2/4.6.3 on Windows respectively Mac OS x


Basecamp 4.6.2 - WindowsBasecamp - Apple Mac OS x


If you are a Windows user and upgraded to 4.7.0 you have 4 choices:


  • b) Only downgrade MapInstall to 4.0.4: In order to Downgrade first uninstall MapInstall via Windows system uninstall, then simply go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Garmin\MapInstall\ folder - then delete all the content of the folder but not of subfolders. Especially leave the "Maps" subfolder. Then Install MapInstall 4.0.4 - Download from here:


  • c) Downgrade to Basecamp v 4.6.2: it can be found here: Garmin Basecamp 4.6
  • ATTENTION - you need to first uninstall Garmin Basecamp, Garmin MapInstall, Garmin Express, and any other Garmin Software via Windows "Add or Remove Software" except Garmin Mapsource (if you have Mapsource installed, do not delete it because you might lose data saved in Mapsource). As the user data of Garmin Basecamp, Garmin Express or Garmin Homeport is saved in a separate database - you will not lose it.Then Install Basecamp 4.6.2.
  • If you simply install 4.6.2 without uninstalling Garmin Basecamp and Garmin Express, Mapinstall will not be downgraded. Alternatively if you are afraid about losing data - you could first delete the content from C:\Program Files (x86)\Garmin\MapInstall\ folder (but not of subfolders) - then ONLY uninstall Garmin Basecamp via Windows system "Add or remove programs" - then Install Basecamp 4.6.2.


  • d) Use the plain old Garmin Mapsource for sending maps. Yes it still works if you know what to do - just note that it does not check any maps installed - so do not send maps twice. Also it cannot like MapInstall overcome the 4GB limit by splitting up maps that you are sending. Else of course it cannot correctly show the contourlines - but sending maps will work. Mapsource 6.16.3 can be downloaded here: Garmin-MapSource



  • f) Use the create_gmapsupp_img_with_mkgmap.bat Script - this will only work for Maps <4GB however. And you can only install full maps. It is found in the map Installation folder. It requires Java JDK installation and java added to Windows path.
  • Alternatively you can use the create_gmapsupp_img.bat Script - however mind that address search is not possible then.



Actually right now only a part of the overview map is sent - it would be nice if Garmin could send the overview maps in general too - as right now they are only used on Desktop. Would actually speed up the GPS devices a bit - especially if you have no activated Basemap on your device.


Restore Tracks/Routes that you created in Basecamp 4.7.0

If you chose to downgrade Basecamp and already created tracks/routes with 4.7.0 you will need to restore them. While updating/downgrading does not delete any of your data - routes/tracks that you planned with Basecamp 4.7.0 will not appear in Basecamp 4.6.2 after downgrade - only routes/tracks that you had planned before the 4.7.0 update will show up.

To solve that go to:


(note AppData is a hidden folder - you may have to enable windows file explorer to show hidden files and folders)

Now you rename folder 4.6 to 4.6.backup and 4.7 to 4.7.backup

Copy folder 4.7.backup and Rename it to 4.6


In Case of Problems with Reinstalling Basecamp - downgrading MapInstall:

Deinstall All Garmin tools/programs via Windows "Change or Remove a Program". Then delete the Garmin Folder  in "C:\Program Files (x86)". Then Reinstall all Garmin tools/Programs and make sure to use old enough versions (as linked here).

IMHO you do not need to clean the registry of any Garmin entry, nor do you need to remove any Garmin folders that are somewhere else then Program Files folders (so far all Garmin tools are x86 and not 64 bit - it's possible this will change in future - so then also delete Garmin folder inside "C:\Program Files".


You can still downgrade to 4.6.3 for the missing functionality. However MapInstall 4.3.2 or later  is fixed (at least with the download directly from Garmin or from here - the Mac Appstore version sometimes does not update MapInstall) - so just make sure not to use Basecamp 4.7. and if you upgrade to Basecamp 4.8.4 or later.

You can Either Downgrade/Upgrade MapInstall only, Or Downgrade Mapinstall and Basecamp

While windows users have good alternatives to Garmin MapInstall - on OS x the only real alternative is to use mkgmap.jar to create gmapsupp.img files. That is not so easy to do and requires Java JDK properly configured. However MapInstall 4.3.2 is fixed - so either downgrade to Basecamp 4.6.3 or upgrade to Basecamp 4.8.4 or later.


  • b) Upgrade to Basecamp 4.8.4 or later:
  • Attention - best get it directly from Garmin or from here - and not via Appstore. I have heard from people that the version from the Appstore only updated Basecamp but the got stuck with MapInstall 4.2.0 instead of 4.3.2


  • c) Downgrade to Basecamp 4.6.3 - To do so first Uninstall Garmin Basecamp 4.7.0 Then make sure that also Garmin MapInstall installation folder is removed/empty - If not uninstall all other Garmin software too. Then install Basecamp 4.6.3.


  • d) You could try to simply Install Garmin MapInstall 4.1.1. - I'm not sure if this works by just executing the installer. I think not. That means you first have to uninstall Mapinstall 4.2.0 - then Install only MapInstall 4.1.1 / MapManager 4.1.1. That way you could keep Basecamp 4.7.0 but I don't know why you would like to do so as Basecamp 4.7.0 is only a regression.


Basecamp for OS x can be downloaded here:


Current Version Garmin Basecamp

Garmin Basecamp 4.6.3 for Mac (here you find all Garmin Tools for  Mac OS x for download - if you miss something else)


MapInstall and MapManager for Mac can be downloaded here:

Garmin MapInstall for Mac OS

Garmin MapInstall 4.1.1. for Mac OS


25 comments to Do NOT Update to Basecamp 4.7.0 – MapInstall 4.2.0 is broken!

  • guenter299

    auf anderen GPS Seiten habe ich gelesen dass wohl die Version Basecamp 4.7.1 (Windows) wieder in Ordnung ist – sprich man kann wieder Karten aus Basecamp ans Navi senden – unter anderen habe ich diese Info z.B. auf

    Kannst du dies bestätigen ?
    Dann könnte ich mir endlich die neue Version 4.7.4 intsallieren 😉

    danke vorab.

  • Markus

    Habe noch was vergessen:
    Mein Overlander erscheint nicht in Basecamp: unter meine Garmin Geräte?
    Woran kann das liegen?

    danke und Grüße Eva

    • extremecarver

      da musst du im Prinzip garmin Support kontatkieren. Es sollten alle Gerät auftauchen – die eine GarminDevice.xml im Garmin Verzeichnis haben. Evtl musst du noch Garmin USB Treiber installieren – aber eigentlich sollte das per MTP automatisch gehen außer bei ganz alten Garmin GPS Geräten.

      • AndyWeston

        Extreme Carver.
        Can you please help?
        I am on a new computer, Macbook 2020 so reloading everything.
        I am getting the message – There was a problem while installing maps on your device. Ensure that the device is plugged in and turned on, and try again.
        No matter which version of MapInstall and Basecamp I use.
        I have tried very many combinations of different updates.
        I am attempting with a non-Unicode version of Europe to a 66s.
        I would be very grateful if you can help me.

        • extremecarver

          Hi Andy, there is likely something wrong with the map. Install a second map and try to send it. Does it work? Can you use autorouting in the map in Basecamp? If that is not normally working – then you installed the map wrong. Sometimes a tile is broken – and it will not work to send that tile – that is very rare however. 99% is mistake during installing the map.

          • AndyWeston

            Thanks for the quick reply Felix.
            I will reload it, let you know tomorrow. It’ll take a while.
            I did try to send just a few tiles, and that wouldn’t work either.
            I don’t get as far as getting the map to Basecamp, as I get that error message. So can’t see if autorouting is possible,

            • extremecarver

              if you cannot open the map in Basecamp – you installed something wrong. Not even worse trying to send it then. Check step 2a / 2ab in the tutorial carefully – if in doubt where to move files – look at a single country map.

              • AndyWeston

                Thanks. I’m almost there..
                I’ve downloaded Cyprus as an example successfully,
                I’m just struggling with 2a. And have attached a screenshot of the files I have in the Product 1 file.
                Can you please just help by showing me what now to move where?

                • extremecarver

                  you have to move the folders from the .7z download. The structure of Cyprus and Europe inside the Product1 folder has to be the same. Simple as that. Just that you will need way more 6* and 7* (or 9* if you want 10m contourlines) folders in there.

                  • AndyWeston

                    Thanks Felix,
                    I’m really struggling with this, so very grateful for your help.
                    With Windows it was straightforward.

                    The structure of Cyprus and Europe seems the same to me.
                    Here are the two screenshots. Each has a mapset10 mapsetc and mapsetx file in it, and then the contours.

                    Also, in your notes in 2a you describe how to go into Layout files and then Integrate_Contourlibes. I have again sent a screen shot, but there is no Integrate Contourlines.

                    Thanks in anticipation

                  • extremecarver

                    ah sorry – it’s not called integrate anymore – but simply copy out the info.xml from 10m_contourlines respectively 20m_contourlines folder that is visible in your screenshot. However I am not sure you copied in the 6* folder from the mtbeurope.7z (I can see the 7* folders – 6* folders need to be copied in the same way).

                  • extremecarver

                    I just updated the instructions and exchanged the old integrate_contourlines with 10m_contourlines and 20m_contourlines.

                  • AndyWeston

                    and the Cyprus Product 1 file

                  • AndyWeston

                    Thanks Felix,
                    So it’s the 20 metre contour lines I have in the file, starting 6.
                    So in this case I copy and paste the info.xml from the 20m file to the mtbCountry.gmap file.
                    Is that correct?

                  • extremecarver

                    In your screenshot I only saw 7* folders, not 6* – if you have both then yes copy in the 20m_contourlines info.xml file. Just exactly follow the tutorial…

              • AndyWeston

                Thanks Felix. Sorted.

                One last question please. Is there a Cuba map? Is it included in Central America?

  • Markus

    hallo, ich bin ein Beginner und versuche Karten auf mein Garmin Oregon und mein Garmin Oberländer zu installieren. Leider bisher erfolglos.
    gerade wollte ich die das Update machen und bekam diese Fehlermeldung:

    InstallBaseCamp.pkg kann nicht geöffnet werden, da Apple darin nicht nach Schadsoftware suchen kann.
    Diese Software muss aktualisiert werden. Wende dich an den Entwickler um weiter Information zu erhalten.

    Meine Frage, welche Software muss ich auf meinem Mac haben um Karten laden zu können und diese dann auch an die Geräte übertragen zu können.

    vielen Dank für die Info.

    grüße Eva

    • extremecarver

      sorry keine Ahnung zu der Fehlermeldung. Aber die aktuelle Basecamp / MapInstall Version von Garmin ist okay – du brauchst die alte nicht. Ansosnten findest du sicher im Internet eine Beschreibung wie du Apples Antivirus temporär ausschaltest.
      Du brauchst Basecamp und MapInstall (MapInstaller ist optional). Basecamp im Prinzip auch optional aber ohne ist unpraktisch.

  • B. Scheuert

    Ich brauche mal etwas Hilfe.
    Ich wollte Map Source installieren, weil ich damit “damals” auch die Karten an den Etrex Vista gesendet habe. Deshalb habe ich die Hoffnung, damit gut zurecht zu kommen. Allerdings möchte die Installition nicht so ablaufen wie ich es mir vorstelle. Wäre ja auch zu einfach 😉
    Die Installation von Map Source wird beendet, weil ein vorherige Version nicht vorhanden ist. Hä? Wie meinen?

    • extremecarver

      Hast du schon eine Karte installiert? Wenn ich mich richtig erinnere musst du zuerst mindestens eine Karte installieren – erst dann kannst du Mapsource installieren. Ansonsten installiere mal andere Garmin Tools zuerst – bzw suche nach der exakten Fehlermeldung per google.

  • rover

    Herzlichen Dank, hat geklappt mit 4.62; ich benötige diese Version nur, dass ich auch direkt mit Google Earth arbeiten kann, um fehlende Wege zu finden und nachzuführen.
    Herzlichen Dank für den raschen feedback….

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