Map Updates 21. April 2011

First of all some OSM related news. I think most of you have noticed it already, if you login into Openstreetmap you now first have to decline or accept the CT and ODBL license. Notice if you are somehow unsatisfied with the switch you can decline now, and still accept later.

For all German speakers, there is a nice post by Jochen Topf who declined the odbl/CT  laying out his reasons (note Jochen Topf works for Geofabrik, that is in general very Pro odbl, and has for example written the first book about OSM (cannot remember the title right now):


I completly share his point of view, and hope that many people click on the decline button. If there is a sufficiently big group, the license change can be stopped. For me there is simply no need at all to switch the license and work with all the trouble it causes.


As for the maps, I worked nearly 20 hours on improving certain details of the map, here is a non complete list of changes.

Remove uphill scale on resolution 22. Add route=foot & distance>12 rule. Add communication towers bigger >100m to resolution 21. (this is because I prefer to see downhill arrows, so please not only indicate mtb:scale:uphill, but also add incline).

Make sure that tracktype=grade1 does not influence display of highway=unclassified

Move railway=rail & usage=main to resolution 19, cause sucker seem to deem main is everythin. Need better key for this in future.

Lots of work on displaying railways better (get rid of proposed/planned and rework all railways with tunnels, plus lower resolution a bit cause no real high priority lines can be extracted from OSM)



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