Map Updates and explanation on login — 6. May 2011 Membership explained

Okay, first of all explanations on the new system for posting comments and the required login.

As written last week, I could not / did not seem it fair, to continue to have an open comments form on and


As of Sunday, when you click on donations, you are taken to the membership options page, where you can donate money and after donating automatically get a link to the login page to create an account on The system behind this is now working well and I haven't noticed any errors.


If you previously donated 10 to 19€, you may add up your donation to a minimum of 20€ and drop me a mail to manually enter your donation into the system, so I can send you a login. If you donated 20€ or more, drop me a mail and I'll send you a username/password. If you add up your previous donation to €50 or more, I'll give you a lifelong membership account. (for as long as I run this site). Please send your request from the same email, that you previously donated from, otherwise I cannot find/assign your donation (also good if you still know the date when you donated, but this is not so important)


The only thing is that currently I have not found a way to automatically add you as a user to both and So for now only people who donate 50€ or more upon request I will add to both sites, else please tell me which site. I'll set up some new sites on to ask questions/post comments on the velomaps soon.


Besides the comment sections being enabled, I plan to provide premium content (I think about creating a map of Europe (updated maybe every 2 month), where to get working address search files, you have the link only in the members section. Other people will have to create the address index files themselves or share it (CCBYSA 2.0 of course allows sharing this file, but on the standard download server I'll not include it). I'll also implement that non logged in users get a question to donate when downloading maps, while logged in users go directly to the download - because still only very few people ever donate (not even 1 out of 2000 people who download maps ever donate)


Map updates 6. May and working streetnames for edge 800 / Oregon / Dakota / gpsmaps 62

I spent a lot of time to find out what exactly could cause the Oregon (if no beta firmware installed) or the edge 800 to drop streetnames (or more correctly the labels of it on the devices). After having another idea, I got it solved by providing a lot of testmaps to User Ritzenflitzer on forum.

The problem is related to the fact, that the devices stop showing any streetname labels, if one of the types 0x00 to 0x07 (and 0x0b) are set to invisible. This however not only to the map that is currently active, but to all maps on the GPS, and only showing up after a hard reset.


Therefore here is what you have to do if you are plagued with this problem. Only use openmtbmaps from this update onwards on your GPS and do a hardreset to get the maps shown with streetlabels. However watch out, there are plenty of other maps that can cause this problem. Most notably the Garmin Topo Deutschland 2010 as coming preinstalled on microSD memory card (the dvd version is fine though with default typfile). There are several other (mainly OSM based) maps that hide labels of theese types, so be careful, if you include any of them on your GPS, the streetnames will not be shown (sorry, cannot tell you which, just try it out yourself ).


Due to this I had to change around quite a lot in the layout, so old .typfiles are not compatible anymore (of course). I changed this of course on both VeloMap and Openmtbmap maps.


Contourlines as gmapsupp.img

Contourlines are now also available as gmapsupp.img for direct download 


Besides I did quite a few other changes:

Amongst the other changes are:

Add missing "$" one ele value in style, and add ele to many more things into the name.

Remove definitely private footway/path/track/service and remove separate sidewalks (for those entered by stupid idiots)

Change primary/secondary/tertiary_link to go to type 0x09 (ramp) in order to get proper driving instructions (shouldn't matter much however).

Analyse which road types are most common and change many types to save space and increase performance (this was saving about 3% of mapsize, before implmenting the changes to to the streetname bug - however still around 2% of mapsize reduction).



Overall, I think I spent more than 60 hours since last Friday on all of this. Damn, it really takes a lot of time to get this running. Well therefore I'll go biking this weekend in the Alps enjoying the nice wheather.


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