Map Updates and new Mapsource Layout

This time the map updates brings quite a drastic change. For a long time, the maps looked great on the GPS, but on a big screen the layout had simply far too much contrast. Therefore I changed the trad typfile (which I think very few people used anyhow) and dropped it, and replaced it with a really nice looking layout that works really well (easy to understand, easy to grasp) on big screens. So for everyone often planning on the PC or just liking to look at beautiful maps (I think they look better than Mapnik now...) just install with mapsource/qlandkarte GT layout. Before sending maps to GPS change the layout by either running the installer again, or running install_openmtbmap.bat and selecting another typfile (the quickest way to change the layout).

I also pushed trough many little enhancements trying to catch wrong sac_scale values and directly bin them, or in some cases add sac_scale and tracktype shortcut into the mapname, to give a clearer picture of a way (well better add mtb:scale instead, but for all ways where this essential info is missing....)

Also now all typfiles are for POI / Polygons in English and German, if no name is preset.

Oh well suffice to say, old .TYP-files won't work anymore as I pushed through many many changes.


Following a quick series of pics on how the layout looks like



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