Openmtbmap Map Updates 13 January 2012 — and broken uploads —

Hello to all,

well instead of posting entirely happy about the fact that for nearly all countries (exception for now Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Norway) that I offered contourlines for - now have them integrated,  I have to say that at least the Alps and Germany the upload crashed - so please don't post further comments and emails about the countries currently not downloadable.

After last week I spent a lot of time of fixing my website server, I didn't found time to get in the updates timely enough for checking that they are okay before going on holidays. I'm in Dubai on stopover on my way to China with my girlfriend and even though everything is really modern here, well working internet seems to be big trouble (tried 3 internet cafes besides my hotel so far and at all places internet really trickles in). Means I currently don't manage to get a stable/quick enough connection to log into my server to schedule the uploads to be done again. I hope I can do so tomorrow evening, else I'll try from Beijing (hope that i get through the big internet wall without problems...


For the future I'll try to setup a folder syncing between the server I generate the maps on, and my website server from which on the maps are mirrored to GWDG cause upload breakups got a bit unstable lately.

Also I'll try to generate contourlines for the Europe Map and some more country maps. The new contourlines are of higher quality than the ones before because due to phyghtmap being released I was able to take the 1" files from viewfinderpanoramas instead of the 3" files, meaning 300% better resolution for the alps - hence higher quality. Also now there are no more cutting artefacts - so the contourlines are a bit cleaner (wasn't a big problem though). At some (very very few) places due to data holes in the DEM data there are still artefacts - but e.g. for the alps this are 3 places where this problem exists. The contourlines are definitely of higher quality than in the latest Garmin maps of Austria/Germany, but not so good of course than in printed 1:25k topo maps that still bought the contourlines from the national map survey agencies.

So far so good, I'll just edit this post once the problems are solved.


EDIT: Tuesday 13:00 GMT: All countries should be correctly uploaded now. Europe full Velomap/Openmtbmap Premium downloads should be working again by 15:00 GMT.

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