New Maps Updloaded (18.05)

Voila, I’m satisfied enough to push trough the updates. Here is what’s new compared to the last updates (besides fresh OSM data):

1. Many new POI (about 70 new totalling now around 300 – all POI available as preset in JOSM and many more….) and much nicericons for them (mainly copied from JOSM) plus the ability to search for them in the proper category. Especially handy in Mapsource. Some POI still missing icons. I will add them sometimes.

2. Update to Routing Parameters – but not working like I want it to. Still failing on routes over long distances. As this has been better already I will have to keep on improving here.

3. Tracktype and Sac_scale are shown –> well not in Mapsource but on the GPS and in Qlandkarte GT.

4. Oneways are still disrespected. This is due to how mkgmap reads in the style-file. I hope it get’s changed, or I will look for another solution to implement it.

— I hope that on the next updates I will have worked out how I can implement routing over longer distances better. Maybe We/I have to accept however that the routing engine is too underpowered to give good […]

Missing Landuses

Hallo everyone. Do you miss any landuses that are quite commonly used?

There are still some types leftover that I could use to get even more landuses to show up. Please comment and I will try to add them

(there will be about 60 new POIs in the next maps and much better searchability – Total of around 300 then).