13. April 2012 — Updates and new Countries

Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in Inglese Americano.

Well after last weeks mission to provide the best maps possible on CCBYSA 2.0 data which will still be good to use for several weeks, I continued my efforts. As currently no bots have been deleting data AFAIK and the data still got updated, I will again use the newest map data. Probably for the last time, as the bots should start cleaning the data very soon.

So what got updated?


New Maps of Asia

Well first of all, I worked a lot on Asia. Asia as a continent was likely the worst to use map, often not possible to send it to GPS due to various OSM data bugs. Hence I decided to provide maps for all Asian countries instead (well all except the Asian part of Russia). The larger part than rendering those maps, was of course creating contourlines for all these maps, which took a lot of time.

So from tomorrow - Friday you can download the following countries including integrated contourlines (contourlines are a premium download - find them at the bottom of the download page):

Azerbaijan, China, GCC_states, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Israel_and_Palestine, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia_Singapore_Brunei, Mongolia, Pakistan, Philippines, Taiwan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam.


As there is probably no more update to the Asian maps under CCBYSA 2.0, I made sure that such things like heavy flooding don't occur. China and Iraq therefore are without ocean. Also contourlines for all of asia are online and linked now, as well as a separate extract (20m interval) for the Himalaya region.


New Maps of Russia and Belarus and further Improvements to Contourlines in Europe

Besides In Europe the last missing country were Russia and Belarus, which I added too now - of course also including contourlines (premium download), and added contourlines to Turkey. Also as promised Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina contourlines are now integrated. As well as Tanzania and Libya in Africa. (Somalia I have not boundary file for, hence cannot create them right now). Also for the Canary Islands the contourlines got updated. So effectively, excluding Canada above 60° North and the Asian continent map, all maps now have integrated contourlines available.


Over the next week I will still update the contourlines, of Alps, Austria and Germany to close some data holes and start working on contourlines for Canada (Canada only if I find time, I expect this will take 100-200hours work as the data is in not easily to convert formats).



Please Support Openmtbmap and Velomap by Donating some coins…

As it's a lot of work to run Openmtbmap and Velomap, and keep everything up to date and up to best possible technology, I ask you to donate some coins toward it if you haven't done so yet. Simply donate a bit after your next install of openmtbmap/velomap when you see the donation page. For people who already donated money, and want to prolong their account I'll soon set up a separate page for them. Also you will be reminded to stock up by email before your account expires and instructions on how to prolong it (7-14 days before it runs out).

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