[en]Map Updates 02. July 2010 [de]Kartenupdates 2. Juli 2010

[en]Sorry for missing last weeks update, but I currently haven't got much time (working 60 hours weekly, biking another 30) and problems accessing my PC locally. Which brings me to a request. I need a donor for a serveraccount with 6-8GB Ram, possible to be used around 8-12 hours for every map update (meaning at least weekly) (either running Linux x64 or Windows 7 x64) to render the openmtbmap - best would be at least a tripple or Quadcore and 8GB Ram. GUI not needed. If Linux there needs to be the possilibity to install SUN Java, because openjdk is not working well with mkgmap.

As for the maps, only minor changes (steps different speed depending on incline (if mapped)) and I decided to not show motorway/trunk inside tunnels when zoomed in close (still shown from resolution 20-16).



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