Updating the Map Layout – 09.11.2009

Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in Inglese Americano e Tedesco.

After the two beta maps were largely well accepted and hopefully all bugs are ironed out, this map update brings quite drastical changes to the street design/layout. Now there is even more differentiation. mtb:scale (1-5) and mtb:scale:uphill (0-5) will still be displayed by markers besides the way, sac:scale and tracktype will directly influence the design of pathes/footways/cycleways (except if mtb:scale takes preference). There are now distinct types for unclassified/minor , highway=fixme/road and some other road types that before shared the same layout with residential. Also Pedestrian and as well as living_street are now heavily differentiated based on whether cycling is allowed or not. footways without any tags get their own unique design.

Also autorouting has gotten many new modes so that now you can much better finetune your journey (on GPS units that let you choose the respective transport modes) - please report any roads that you are being blocked incorrectly (could be on delivery/taxi/emergency) including ALL of their tags if you have some roads barred in one of the modes even though they should be open (or e.g. getting routed in racing bicycle mode using emergency onto mountain trails that are clearly identifiable).

More on autorouting modes here: https://openmtbmap.org/about/autorouting/

To understand the new layout have a look at the following new map legend:


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