MapInstall finally fixed by Garmin – Download lists reworked – Gmapsupp.img downloads now showing in Basecamp by default

Updates for November 2019

Since 30. October there is finally a new version of Basecamp 4.7.1 available - which includes an updated MapInstall 4.2.1 for Windows - which fixes sending .img format maps to devices. 

For MacOSx the newest MapInstall version - 4.3.2 was fixed already much longer ago - though if you don't need to update to Basecamp 4.8.x on Mac OSx due to 32 bit support dropped in macOS Catalina - there is no reason to upgrade either. Basecamp 4.8.4 still runs unstable if you don't use English as language (you can set the language in Basecamp preferences). I don't know yet if the newest 4.8.6 runs stable in all languages. MapInstall 4.3.2 seems pretty stable - but very occasionally  errors have been reported. In my opinion don't let Garmin Basecamp 4.6.2 missing Catalina support stop you from upgrading to Catalina. Basecamp 4.8.6 should be good enough.

For both Basecamp 4.7.1 (Windows) and Basecamp 4.8.6 (macOS) the lost functions like google earth integration are not back. I guess most people will not notice the missing functions however. 


I have often heard complaints of people that gmapsupp.img maps do not show in Basecamp. I still think usually this makes no sense - but with MapInstall fixed now - I changed the gmapsupp.img downloads to show by default in Basecamp if device connected. Maps sent via MapInstall/Mapsource by default are not loaded into Basecamp.

You can still change that of course by running the .bat scripts included in the gmapsupp.img downloads.


Also often people were confused that in the map download lists - the non unicode section only included those countries - which by default are unicode. I've now changed this that countries like Germany show everywhere in the local language downloads - even though of course the map download is always latin1 - so non Unicode. At the same time I've noticed that sometimes I forgot to add countries to download lists (especially on VeloMap). E.g. Armenia, Laos, Liberia were missing from some lists.


Lastly - the windows installer for Germany finally broke the 2GB limit. The installers for France, Africa continent and Russia were also close to breaking the 2GB limit. I don't want to offer these countries as 2 downloads - so I've updated the installer to accept sizes over 2GB. However this causes the installer not to be extractable anymore with 7zip. Therefore I am now creating a new zipped version of those countries for Linux users. Also of course some bugs in the map creation got fixed.

This winter I will include nordic skiing trails into the hiking layout of the maps. The other layouts will not show nordic skiing trails (the thing is that nordic skiing trails usually but not always use normal trails/tracks - so they can be confusing if you are not on nordic skis).


22 comments to MapInstall finally fixed by Garmin – Download lists reworked – Gmapsupp.img downloads now showing in Basecamp by default

  • hkillerm


    ich bin Anfänger, sorry für die Frage, aber ich komme nicht weiter.

    Ich habe Basecamp 4.7.1. installiert und einen Teil Deiner aktuellen Karten auf mein Garmin Montana 650t übertragen. Am Gerät kann ich sie dann auch aktivieren, doch sie werden nicht angezeigt.
    Was mache ich falsch?

    Viele Grüße

  • Marcus_s

    Nun auch von mir einen herzlichen Dank an die/den Betreiber von
    Klasse Arbeit. Bin gerne Mitglied der Kommunity.

  • Paulus0380

    hi Felix,
    ich wollte nur mal danke sagen für deine Mühe alles hier am laufen zu halten.
    Dank dir werde ich in Europa überall hin finden 🙂

    Beste Grüße


  • pruen

    Danke dass du weiterhin die gmapsupp.img erstellst, da ich kein Basecamp nutze und mir das installieren immer ein bisschen viel war… zumal ich nur ein Mal im Jahr aktualisiere oder so. Einfach kopieren 🙂 das kann ich bewältigen 😀

  • mastafranz

    Nach Update auf Catalina funktioniert Mapinstaller und MapManger nicht mehr, wie bekomme ich die Karten jetzt auf Bascamp bzw. auf mein Garmin?

  • emilio313

    good evening.
    I wanted some information to install the mtb maps in my garmin fenix 6s.
    I downloaded the italy map, both the one for windows (map.exe) and the one to put directly into the garmin.
    that exe I can install with mapinstall, but then, when I want to change with the updated map how can I remove the old one? on garmin express there is only install again, there is no map remove.
    the one, instead, directed for the garmin, I didn’t understand how to install it. do I have to copy the whole folder with the subfolders in the garmin? where should I put them?

    • extremecarver

      Nope – read the instructions for the gmapsupp.img download – only copy the gmapsupp.img file. Updating maps on device – Use MapInstall it will usually identify the old map and overwrite it with the new one. Or manually delete from /garmin folder on device. If you use gmapsupp.img version – best remove by hand again before updating.

  • NoamB1

    Hi Felix,
    Trying to load MTB map of Israel into Edge 530. Using the *.exe map file download version, and then using the batch file to compile a GMAPSUPP.IMG, when copied to \Garmin folder it shows in Basecamp 471, but not in the GPS unit. When using direct premium GMAPSUPP.IMG download, and copied to \Garmin folder, it shows both on Basecamp and the GPS unit, but with no contourlines… Can you please assist? Thanks!!
    PS should I use Unicode of Non? both seems to work?

    • extremecarver

      which batch file exactly are you using – and which map exactly?
      The gmapsupp.img downloads have no contourlines integrated, you have a separate contourlines gmapsupp.img download for that – inside you find contours_mtbCOUNTRY.img which you would copy to /garmin folder too. But you can only show one map in Basecamp at a time. (you could use the scripts to combine them beforehand though if you ultimate goal is working with maps from SD card within Basecamp – but makes not much sense. It’s super slow. Just install the .exe maps and use them in Basecamp).

      • NoamB1

        My goal is to have the same layout and well detailed map as the one that comes with the EXE version, but with contours. I’m unable to do so using the EXE versions (I downloaded every one possible, they show in Basecamp, but never in the GPS itself, either ENG or LOCAL, Unicode or non).

        If I download a complete GMAPSUPP file, it’s without contours. If I put the ContourXX.img file in the GPS folder – it will not show.

        If I merge the main GMAPSUPP file with the ContourXX.img file using the batch file i’m getting a strange map layput that is not usable.

        So my question, how can I produce/dowload the same EXE quality maps but with contours?

        • extremecarver

          I don’t know what you are doing wrong with the gmapsupp.img downloads. Placing both files combined into the edge 530 should be fine IMHO. You cannot use Unicode maps – and make sure to update Basecamp/MapInstall to 4.7.1/4.2.1 – you must be using the broken MapInstall 4.2.0 – that’s why sending maps does not work.
          Oh and deactivate the high contrast layout on the edge 530 – try some other profiles – Garmin never managed to build a high contrast layout – and now they just try to have the device do it automatically and it fails miserably.

    • extremecarver

      oh yeah – on the edge 530 of course you need the non unicode maps! If you used a unicode map to create the gmapsupp.img using the .bat files – then it would be expected to show up in Basecamp but not on the device.

  • testagrigia

    Die Teilinstallation von Karten auf dem GPS scheint leider auch mit der neuen Version von BaseCamp (4.7.1) bzw. MapInstall (4.2.1) nicht zu funktionieren: Die Karte wird auf das GPS übertragen (die ImageDatei ist im entsprechenden Ordner vorhanden),wird aber in den Einstellungen nicht angezeigt und ist nicht sichtbar. Wie ist dieses Problem zu lösen?

  • ambro

    Non riesco ad installare la mappa europa su BaseCamp, mi da file corrotto scarica di nuovo

    • extremecarver

      On OSx or on Windows? And I don’t understand at which step it goes wrong! You have problems downloading or installing? Or after installing when opening Basecamp? What error message exactly!

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