Map Updates 15.01.2010 and Publishing of the lines Style-File

Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in English e Deutsch.

The map updates brings no big differences. Only some small changes in POI layout (mainly cities). This time again all maps are updated.

As for the long awaited lines style-file. When I started my main intention was to push forward Mtbikers to use and participate in OSM. This is still my main intention. Currently IMHO openmtbmap are the only Garmin maps with proper Autorouting for cyclists and mtbikers as well as hikers. It took a lot of hours try & error to get autorouting work reasonably well. All other OSM interpretations that are widespread don't offer nearly as good autorouting for cyclists (be it maps from "DE:All in One, User:Radfahrer or Computerteddy). Therefore currently many non mtbikers are using the openmtbmaps because they offer best autorouting and most extensive mapping features needed for orientation. This is good in my eyes for mtbikers because normal cyclists or hikers get to see maps from a mountainbike-centric perspective and help us push trough relevant ideas and needs better in OSM.


The layout of the openmtbmaps is not the prettiest and difficult to understand for newcomers. […]