Updates later/spaeter

Beim updaten der Karten ist was falschgelaufen, daher kommen die Karten erst heute/heute Nacht. On updating the maps errors occured, therefore updates come during the day/tonight.

Edit: 17:51

Die Oesterreich Karten waren zuerst korrupt (entpacken nicht moeglich), daraufhin hat ein layer gefehlt.

Ab 19:00 sollte die Karte wieder korrekt zum downloaden sein.

Deutschland wird gegen 22:00 aktualisiert sein.

Edit: 23:33

Deutschland / Germany will be uploaded by approx 02:00 – there were some probs and I underestimated the time it takes (about 5 hours for compiling, 2 hours for uploading)

– Ich hatte noch ein paar Probs beim erstellen, und hab die Zeit die ich zum generieren brauche unterschaetzt (etwa 5 Stunden zum kompilieren, und 2 Stunden fuers uploaden).


I will update all maps (except bavaria) tonight. I hope it runs through clean. Because my laptop really doesn’t cut it anymore for compiling more countries in decent time, I ordered a new mobo/phenom II 720 (hopefully runs with all 4 cores)/1TB harddisk/8GB Ram which I will put into an old case I still have. Hopefully I can then offer all of Europe (and maybe even North America) for download. Lets see.

BTW – maybe someone can help me. How can I show file properties with WordPress? I want to upload all maps as usual over command.exe with wput, but would prefer that everyone can see the filesize (be it MB or KB) and date so I don’t have to enter that manually. Is there a plugin or could someone write in a comment /send me per mail the html code? I would be very grateful for that. Oh and also the commands for renaming a file via fput or ftp.exe if you know (so I can upload the maps, once done – delete the old maps, and then rename the new maps to the old mapname).