Big Update to the Openmtbmaps for June

Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in English e Deutsch.

O.k. the first contries are uploading already, so I will post about the news:

  1. White Background (this can be changed back in the typfile by deleting 0x4b if you don't like it) - The white background only appears when zoomed in to around 500m or closer. This is dependant on the map data. Should improve visibility a lot on most PNA. Makes no difference to Mapsource. I did change the look of other things too quite a lot. Layout is more consistent now. Still missing a few POI in the Typfile though (you can identify them in Qlandkarte GT or Mapsource looking at the map legend).
  2. Autorouting improved once more.New lines visible on GPS and/or Qlandkarte GT
  3. Search for roadnames. Not as good as real address search but better than nothing.
  4. Icons for Polygons
  5. Many more small things.
  6. ATTENTION ON UPDATE - Delete all old *.img before copying in the new data. I patched my mkgmap installation to allow for less layers. Now there are only 4 layers (main, main2, mtb1, mtb2). This means you can't simply overwrite on updating but you need to delete all *.img first, otherwise you might run into problems.

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