Map Updates 16.04.2010

This time quite drastic changes on the typfile and also in the lines processing, but they won't get easily noticed. The main difference is that on the wide and classic (clas) TYP-file I changed much more when and when not labels are shown. This should give a cleaner map display. The most drastic change (except for wide) is that residential roads on zooming out become thinner until they disappear. Also put a bit higher preference on routing over tracks with "bad" surface. Also made forest on wide and classic typfile a bit lighter (wide typfile will again resort to white color on 256 color models). Also for many  other objects the font size got decreased. This is especially important for edge 705 users, where standard fonts are simply too big and distracting. If feedback is good I'll incorporate the changes also for thin and traditional typfile (not for srtm*.TYP which will be phased out as it is not needed anymore in Basecamp v3 and as of Mapsource 6.16.1).



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