Map Updates 09 June

Ci spiace, ma questo articolo è disponibile soltanto in English e Deutsch.

Okay, the last map updates were a step in the right direction IMHO, but many of you were right that they were not "clean". I followed the route and decreased the map to three tiles now (main1, main2, mtb). Also routing offroad is now much more differentiated and in the tooltip of Mapsource (not on GPS for the moment, however I’m working on it…) and for every street type that could be unpaved, I take now mtb:scale/mtb:scale:uphill/ routes, tracktype, bicycle=no, bicycle=yes, bicycle=designated and sac_scale into consideration (about 150 different combinations for EACH road type, like path or unclassified) so that road classification is even better. Oh and riverbanks are back (was not nice to look at empy rivers, was it?)


n the mapsource tooltip you can identify which factors were taken into account as I put abbreviations into the name. These are much shorter this time, and on my Vista HCx in the routing page, very rarely does a roadname get stripped, on the map page while navigating even less often.

Routing over longer distances should work a bit better now, if the area is […]

Updates later/spaeter

Beim updaten der Karten ist was falschgelaufen, daher kommen die Karten erst heute/heute Nacht. On updating the maps errors occured, therefore updates come during the day/tonight.

Edit: 17:51

Die Oesterreich Karten waren zuerst korrupt (entpacken nicht moeglich), daraufhin hat ein layer gefehlt.

Ab 19:00 sollte die Karte wieder korrekt zum downloaden sein.

Deutschland wird gegen 22:00 aktualisiert sein.

Edit: 23:33

Deutschland / Germany will be uploaded by approx 02:00 – there were some probs and I underestimated the time it takes (about 5 hours for compiling, 2 hours for uploading)

– Ich hatte noch ein paar Probs beim erstellen, und hab die Zeit die ich zum generieren brauche unterschaetzt (etwa 5 Stunden zum kompilieren, und 2 Stunden fuers uploaden).